This example is based on the client, 'S.T.' quoted below.

1.) S.T.'s time is worth $37/hour, because he earns about $75,000 /year.
(If a client makes more than $75,000/year, their time would be worth more than $37/hour.)
S.T.'s TIME = $37/HOUR

2.) S.T. hired to develop Custom-Scan-Results, designed specifically to get the results of his
winning combination of indicators and chart patterns.
(for this example we will say it took 1 hour)
S.T.'s Custom Scan cost him $284 (without any discounts) for: 1. The time to develop the daily Stock Scan
Results and 2. for Posting those results to his web account for 1 month.

3.) S.T. Will now SAVE about 1-1/2 hours, every market day, he used to spend time on, by using the scan
results rather than manually searching, with other tools, to find the specific types of stocks that matched his
S.T.'s TIME-SAVINGS = 1-1/2 Hours per Market Day or $55/Market Day or $1,210/mo.

4.) 3 Seconds is all it now takes S.T.
(to sign into his web-account and retrieve his results of the Custom StockScan before
6am ET daily.)

*At $55 per market day of time saved, this client started saving money in less than 1 week, including the cost to
post the results of the scan for a month.
" has been a tremendous value
for me. I now spend significantly less time
researching potential trades for the day.

Before, I spent 1-2 hours a
day, everyday searching for information that I
now get in about 3 seconds from"
S.T. Active Trader
Stock Scans creates the software scan code for Hedge Fund Portfolio Managers, Traders, Institutions, Technicians, etc.  Just explain to StockScans ANY criteria you want to screen for and we will
custom create the list of stocks for you, Stock Scans in NOT limited to the basic industry standard selection of a few hundred functions to chose from; common in most software packages. Let
StockScans figure out what the scan code needs to be to produce the stock symbols you're interested in. We tailor the stock market scan code software to help give you an edge as a Portfolio Manager.
We currently scan for: Issues/Stocks,etc. that trade on the: NYSE, AMEX, & NASDAQ
Exchange Traded Funds, Mutual Funds, and Domestic & International Indexes
What's Your Time Worth ?
This example doesn't mention how much time, nor at what inconvenient time of day, the trader / investor may
have been spending to develop scan results, without getting successful results prior to using
Also, the trader / investor can now spend 1-1/2 hours per market day doing something else they enjoy.
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and fundamental information available. This website is not responsible for any losses or gains incurred from the use of the research provided by this website. does NOT
offer ANY advice (i.e. investment advice).

StockScans refund/cancellation/termination policy:

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our StockScans Custom Scan Results service that we offer a 1 week  trial period of our Custom Scan Results posting service absolutely FREE.
After your trial, we will bill you according to the terms of the Custom Scans Results posting service based upon your number of Custom Scan results postings.  Monthly postings are not refundable. If you wish to
cancel our posting service, please email StockScans your request 10 days before your next billing date from your email address we have on file.  Your StockScans postings include daily scan results for ONLY
the account holder.  Redistribution of the scan results to third parties is prohibited.  If you need to use StockScans for more than 1 user, you will need to open a second account.  Custom Scan Setup Activation
and Developing Rate charges are non-refundable.  Ready-Made Scan Results are non-refundable., in it's sole discretion, may discontinue services to any client, for any reason, without advanced notice.  Refunds shall be based upon the prorata unused portion of the prepaid service.

    Custom Scan Results:

Phone Consultation ....................................... FREE
    (estimate of time & cost it will take to develop custom
    scan results)

Account Setup Activation/Re-Activation ........... $ 49

Developing Rate* ................. $ 37.50 per 10-minutes
    *(any time spent developing, creating, writing, reviewing, re-
    searching, changing and, but not limited to, revising scans results)

Posting the custom scan results, to your web account
Each additional scan results $ 29 per month
Custom Scan Results
Customized to your specifications
  1. Most Scan Results take LESS THAN 1 hour.
  2. Very large, multi-page, complex scan results with many
    different levels of criteria can take several hours
Ready-Made Scan Results
Most Popular & Successful Chart Patterns
often at the beginning of their major
price advances or shortly thereafter

Packaged Scan Results:                                

Packaged Scan Results                          (includes
the symbol, etc.) results for issues that
match the following similar chart patterns daily
... $ 89/mo.

Individual Scan Results:                                

Individual Scan Results                                             
(includes the symbol, etc.) results for issues that
match the following similar chart patterns daily
... $ 49/mo.
We accept the following methods of payments: U.S. Bank Issued
CHECKS (by mail) and Credit, Debit & Check Cards with these logos:
We understand that peoples most valuable asset is their time.  You don't get to do last year over again.
An example of the Time-Savings Value that a client gets, based on the majority cost of their time
finding stocks to potentially trade:
( 2.00 per day ) ...1st scan results  $ 59/mo.